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  Positive support to meet your quit smoking goals

✓  Customizable and proven quit smoking plan 

✓  Strategies to survive your first week without cigarettes

✓  Personal stories from smokers committed to change

✓  Common quitting pitfalls and how to avoid them

✓  A brand new mindset for managing relapse

✓  Extensive health information index
What you'll find inside the updated second edition:
We're thrilled to announce that the 2nd edition of Learning to Quit will be published this winter by Avasta Press.

We derive deep satisfaction supporting the single most important change a person can make to ensure a better future for themselves and the people they love: stopping smoking.

Our newly updated and expanded 2nd edition of LTQ gives you improved tools and simple strategies to quit for good. Of course, we've kept the deeply personal and empowering stories from everyday people sharing how they finally learned to quit. 
We hope our book serves you well! Please join our early readers list to receive a free digital copy of the book before it's avaiable to the public. Just fill out the form above.
✎  A note from the authors... 
Suzanne Harris, RN, CTTS, NCTTP and Paul Brunetta, MD
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